1 Malaysia!

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Hi! Last time I was here I wrote that I’ve been confirmed that I’m pregnant for 6 weeks, and today, my pregnancy is about 17 weeks.

Yesterday, I had an ultrasound scan for baby at one of the private hospitals in JB with my husband. When the doctor put the ultrasound scanner onto my stomach, I could see clearly the features of the baby inside my womb from the monitor.

I could see his (yeah…the doctor said my baby is a boy!) head, fingers, hands, legs, body, heart, nose, mouth, eyes….it was so speechless…I couldn’t believe there is a living baby inside of me…I watched the monitor with full of concentration which I’ve never given even when I was in school.

As I watched his moving his hands and fingers, suddenly, my baby showed a sign of ‘number one’. The doctor then shouted, “Eh, your baby showed a sign of 1 Malaysia”….hehe…we were all laughed to here that….so cute!…So far, the doctor said my baby is normal…there is no problem…Alhamdulillah…my husband is very happy to see the baby….

Then, to the part where I think mostly all parents wants to know….the sex of your baby….mine is a boy…yeah I could see it clearly at right between his legs…so small…tiny…and cute….wahahahaha…..I’m going to be a mother…soooooonnnn!!! Owh ya…my EDD (estimated delivery date….daaaa) is going to be on 30/03/10….insyaAllah

Ok…got to go…I’ve to pick up the clothes….I think it’s going to rain….see ya then….tata


SiX wEeKs….

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hi….it’s been months since the last entry…but now i’m not going to miss a single…monthly basic…hehehe…

do u know why i put this entry’s title as Six Weeks? well, there’s a story behind it. i just found out about it on Saturday last week. on Friday, i came back from Malacca because of my cousin’s wedding, which was on Sunday. then, on Saturday morning, after i sent my laptop to Dynas in IT department, i went to my cousin’s house in Nusa Damai, to give some help on the wedding preparation.

about 11++ o’clock, i followed her to Kip Mart to buy some groceries for the wedding dishes. we bought some meats, chickens and vegetables. then, she stopped in front of the fruits stalls; a durian’s stall, to be specific. OMG! i can’t stand the smell…it went up into my brain and can’t process what the hell it is…so i vomited…vomited…vomited…and vomited…until we arrived at her house.

to make it short…they said i’m pregnant…furthermore, some of the ‘experience’ women in the house has also said that my body has expanded….’kembang’…what did it means?….

later that night..i came back to my cousin’s house with my husband…and there were durians at the porch….and of course i vomited again….my cousin, Kak Ja started to lecture both of us….she said that we should go to the clinic and get a pregnancy test…but i’ve already done it week before i went to Malacca…huhu…i couldn’t stand the words that came out from the two lips…..so my husband brought me to the nearest clinic in Nusa Damai…an indian clinic to be exact….i was the only patient that night….so i got to pee inside a bottle and the assisstant test my urine on a pregnancy test….and…..the look on her face at that time showed that it was hopeless….and the smile was a cynical smile when she handed the test result to the doctor….”it’s positive madam, you’re pregnant”….i looked at her and the result and it was positive…but i just wasn’t sure! why not? they had no feeling about it…however deep inside my heart at that time, i’ve prayed that i’ll get the good news…i’ve been wanting it for a long time….my husband?…of course….he is happy…and started to lecture me that i shouldn’t be too active anymore, do not do heavy work, don’t go on board of the ship, bla…bla….bla…bla…

anyway…..i’m HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY….so HAPPY….i’ve been told that i’ve pregnant for six weeks!!!!!

I love you my dear husband, AYIEN……

I’m B@ck!!!

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Howdy guys?..yepp, i’m back for good now. I’s been a while, I know…but I’m around, busy with my life (What??!!)…actually…there are lot of things I want to write but…I don’t have time (yeah right??!!)…by the way…do you want to know what happened to me al this while?

Okay, first…all PMDPs have already completed the rotation at business units and we have gone through the interview for finalizing where are we going to be…and guess what…I’m off to Marine Repair…yeah…I know, it’s a tough place but I like the environment there…weird haa…I can’t explain more….but…some of us didn’t make it (4 ppl to be exact)…I’m not sure what went wrong and there were no exact explanation about that…hmm…politics I guess…whatever…we can’t do anything…I’m starting with Piping/Valve department for 5 months…and a month has gone…and I’ve been involved in 2 projects (not fully involved actually…familiarizing, I might say…hehehe)…and

Second….I got marry….yeahhh (OMG!!!!)….I was and I am happy…it happened on 24th January 2009…yeah, absolutely a date to remember for me…where my husband and I have been “ijab kabul” at my house in Selangor…and the ceremony was on 25th January 2009….the theme colour is…PURPLE!!!!….my favourite, of course…so, some of my friends attended the wedding…PMDPs…my girlfriends from neighbourhood, from my primary years, from my secondary years, and from UTP…it was like a reunion, I guess….but..I didn’t take a long holiday for my wedding…I was in the middle of a training session at that time, in ALAM…so I just took 2 days off + 2 days holiday of CNY…yeah…thanks for that…lucky it was a public holiday…as a result…we haven’t gone for our honeymoon yet….owhhhh….never mind, time will come…I like to tell more about my wedding, but next time I guess…

Third, I bought a house in Sierra Perdana…still in progress and estimated to complete (receive the key) by end of this year….I hope so…can’t wait to move into my new house…there are so much to do…I’m so excited!!!

Okay guys…I’ll catch up later…got some work to do…see ya’ll

SwImMiNg LeSs0nS?

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Swimming lesson?..Yes, I took swimming lesson at ALAM exactly 3 days before fasting month….but just a one day lesson.

That day, me, Lydia, Sarah and Azida went to the Alam’s sport complex to learn swimming from one of the trainer, JJ. First, his assistant asked us to do warm up after we have changed to swimming attire. Our swimming attires were track suit and shirt. We didn’t have swimming suits at that time.

Then, we went into the pool and JJ asked us to float ourselves. Hmm…it may sound easy but in fact it is hard. At that time I was really stressed because I couldn’t float myself…huhu…and for that we got a whack on our head from JJ….what?!…a whack?…yep, a whack from a swimming board.

After we have finally could float ourselves (not really….), we learned how to breath underwater….meaning how long you can stay underwater after your final breath….huhu…not long I guess….that time the longer we could make was at least 15 seconds. Then, he taught us how to paddle our legs…it was tired and moreover the track suit was heavy when it was wet. I couldn’t make it properly.

At about one hour after we learned the basics, JJ asked us to went out of the pool and start walking around it. Then he asked us to stopped at the end of the pool; the 4 meter depth water level. At first I thought he was going to show us the helicopter prototype that we are going to use during BOSET training but…..actually he asked us, one by one to swim across the pool at that level….WHATTT???!!!…come on that was our first lesson, first day and we didn’t know how to swim. I felt like running back to the room that time.

But still, we went into the pool and started to swim across it, and I was the last one. I was afraid and panicked actually…I took about 10 minutes before I thought I could do it….I think so….then suddenly about 2 meters from the starting point, I couldn’t make it anymore…I was drowned….yes, I was….

However, JJ didn’t help me immediately, he was shouting and yelling at me to keep paddling my legs so that I could float….but I just couldn’t do it anymore….I was panicked….actually at that time I felt exactly like that day I was drowned when I was a kid….it came into my mind and all I know was I want to get out of the water as soon as possible…then only JJ gave me the swimming board for me to float. I was crying to get out of the pool and he said that I have to paddle to the pool side if I want to get out….what a jerk! I swore I would never learn how to swim from him again.

After that day, all of us was so angry with him…and thankful that tomorrow all of us were going back to our hometown and then the fasting month. What a relief! But, Azida did propose to take swimming lesson at Tanjung Puteri Golf Resort after Hari Raya…hmm…it sound good…I think I’ll take it if the others want to join too….

Hmm…when oh when will I know how to swim….I wonder….

Al@m iN mEm0rY….

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Last Tuesday, I just came back from Alam. Yep, our one month training has finally over. How was Alam?

Hmm…I could say that it was okay and not okay. The accommodation…first was kind of bad…especially the maintenance then it was okay on the 2nd week. Then, the food…I could say that our caterer is better than theirs. It didn’t get better from day to day but it was the other way round, even during fasting….during sahur and open fasting. Huhu…when oh when would we get better food, we were always wondering that time………

Next, 2nd course will be in UTM, Skudai….at the end of October…exactly three weeks after Hari Raya….I hope it will be better than at Alam….hopefully

SeLaNg0r LoSt t0 KeDaH

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I watched the game just now. The Malaysia Cup Final match between Selangor and Kedah. The game was held in Bukit Jalil Stadium. But, I watched the game when it was already about 35 minutes in first half. The score was already 1-3. Kedah was leading the game. I was shocked….why there were so many goals? It was just the first half time. However, I watched it till the end of the game.

Selangor team was playing badly this time. I wasn’t sure what the problem was. Kedah team played better tonight as what they have done last year. Yep, they were the winner of last year’s Malaysia Cup. Not just that, they have also won FA Cup and I think League Cup….Treble Cup Winner, that was what the commentator called them. And they made it again tonight, for the second time. What an accomplishment!

Kedah won the game by 3 to 2. Selangor team has managed to get another goal during the second half time played. They should have gotten one more goal at the end of the time through the free kick given by referee. But I guess this year wasn’t for them, may be next year. However, thumbs up to them. They have played well towards the final whistle.

Do you know who is the manager for Selangor team?…Yes, Zakaria Rahim….I know him. He was my ex-superior in MMHE. We have been working together for at least a year before he resigned in June, if I’m not mistaken. We used to called him En. Zek, and still now. He visited us last week. His team had a game in Pasir Gudang, a semi-final match with Johor FC. Even though we have known each other for a short time, he is a determine and passionate guy. If he wants anything or something, he will ensure that that is what he get and he will get it. He likes to motivate others and encourage them. Those were what he always did to us, PMDP Seeds once he was our so called guardian.

So, I think Selangor is lucky to have that kind of passionate, desired and committed person to be their manager. I believe Selangor will get the cup or the cups in next season. They have proven it just now, although they didn’t won the game. But, the players also have to play their own role. Teamwork, communication and cooperation are crucial to them if they want to get the cups back in next season. I guess they will.

Anyway, all the best to them and continue to work hard. Nothing is impossible and if there’s a will, there’s a way. Go Selangor!….I am a Selangorian…hehe….peace!

NeW rULeS t0 mOtoRcYCLiSt!

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This morning I went to HR with Lydia. We borrowed Azizul’s motorcycle to go there. I wanted to meet my mentor but I couldn’t because it was raining early this morning. I was supposed to meet him at 8.15 am. I guess I’ll meet him after I come back from Malacca.

So, first we went to HR to meet our superiors to clarify something before we go to ALAM. That’s right we are going to ALAM tomorrow afternoon. Then, we went to TSD building. I wanted to visit my ex-colleagues at TSD as well as Lydia.

Then after about 15 minutes we went out of the office to the motorcycle. As usual, Lydia was the rider and I was the pillion rider. Azizul’s motorcycle is quite easy to start but not at that time. Lydia used to “kick” the starter at least 2 times to get the engine started up. This time it wasn’t going to start, so I helped her. Guess what happened?….Yep, the engine started up with just a kick from my right leg. Hahaha…what a day….hehe

So, to all the motorcyclists please ensure that you have a helpful and good kicker person as your pillion rider…..hehehe…peace!